Directions to you Short North, OH Real Estate Lawyer

Please follow these directions to your Short North, OH Real Estate Lawyer. If you have not set an appointment yet please to that so we are able to provide you with our one- hundred percent, undivided attention. Do not hesitate to call our office, we offer complimentary, no obligation consultations.

Distance: 12km. Time: 0:12.

1. Follow North High Street 300m
2. Turn right onto Second Avenue 1300m
3. Turn left onto Cleveland Avenue (SR 3) 500m
4. Turn right onto Fifth Avenue 400m
5. Turn left onto unnamed road 400m
6. Continue on North Freeway (I 71) 6km
7. Continue on unnamed road 400m
8. Continue on East Cooke Road 1000m
9. Turn left onto Maize Road 500m
10. Turn right onto Carbone Drive 180m
11. Turn left onto Frisbee Drive 500m
12. Continue on Danforth Road 180m
13. Turn right onto Matthias Drive 110m
14. Reach destination

Directions courtesy of OSRM

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